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The biggest issue facing most JP offices today is the overwhelming amount of paperwork required. eJUSTICE alleviates this problem by integrating database information to the forms and documents (warrants, truancy, evictions). The data is only entered once, and remains accessible for further uses, so tedious forms no longer have to be filled out multiple times. By using browser based technologies the forms are merged with the database information, saving input time. Administrator defined levels allow access for individuals based on their needs.

Through its state of the art database, the eJUSTICE system is designed to efficiently handle all of the JP’s needs. By using browser based technology, it enables the offices of this judicial branch of government to better serve constituents. With in excess of 50 feature functions designed specifically to make any JP on this solution more effective, accurate, and integrated, eJUSTICE will make any JP office an example of an efficient government operation.

User Friendly

- Generate reports
- Internet accessible
- Browser based technology
- Assign duties to personnel
- User defined tasks
- View online reports
- Real time transaction reports
- Ability to print duplicate receipts
- Case processing & tracking with appropriate forms generation
- Full docketing & scheduling
- Complete automated payment processing with automated court cost distribution
- Case disposition processing
- Warrant processing
- The Official State mandated JP monthly report
- Interface to Cash Drawer and Receipt/Validation Printer

eJUSTICE also includes the Inquiry Sub-Station module, a powerful tool that allows users to search by various criteria, providing results in a user-friendly format.

In addition, eJUSTICE offers numerous case types and dispositions, as well as processing and tracking for warrants and bonds. Additional forms are also available for generation and processing and all required reporting and listing functions are also included.

Internet Accessible

Browser-based technology gives your office freedom from dependence on expensive hardware. A cost-effective Internet hosting program is offered to JP offices that use eJUSTICE. There is no need to buy additional hardware or software and budgets can be better controlled. Costs are based upon transactions and incurred only when the system is utilized. JP offices can be up and running in no time and always ready for their increasing daily workloads.

Through the Internet, the public can access information and interact with the appropriate JP office by paying fines and fees (with credit cards and electronic checks) and viewing relative information on case types such as:
- Citations & Tickets
- Small Claims
- Evictions
- Justice Court
- Truancy
- Magistrations
- Hot Checks

An Effective Choice

The design of eJUSTICE specifically addresses the daily operations of JP offices and helps those offices serve their citizens in an efficient and interactive manner. It is truly unique in meeting the needs of JPs and the public. Though comprehensive and rich with pertinent functions, the system is very easy to learn and to use. It helps expedite office caseload processing and docketing and supplies a wide range of auditing and reporting capabilities. Improved internal results and service to citizens can quickly be seen in the amount of work that can get done more efficiently with a resulting increase in office revenues.

A Solid Foundation

This solution has been built around solid IBM technology. Utilizing DB2 database & Websphere Application Server, eJUSTICE can run on an iSeries, xSeries, or pSeries server.

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