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As a Subscriber Information Solution, eDATA is on the cutting edge of software evolution. Individuals, businesses, institutions and organizations need information from their governmental agencies for a variety of reasons on a routine basis, typically daily. Attorneys, banks, title companies, and mortgage companies all need information about property owners, property values, taxes owed, foreclosures, tax certificates, and delinquent information. Schools need information concerning truancy cases. Attorneys and bondsmen need criminal records, bond information, case information. And the list goes on.

eDATA helps deliver this type information over the Internet and in a customizable format or view best suited to individual needs.

Some of the obvious benefits of having data delivered on demand to your desktop include:
- Increased productivity
- Saving time and money
- No standing or waiting in lines
- No driving to the courthouse or appraisal office
- No problems with parking
- Data view suited to needs
- Low monthly subscription fee

Any number of ways can be imagined where controlled access to such data would be useful, and Hamer Enterprises / Easy Access can now facilitate those kinds of access through eDATA in a safe and secure environment.